You may not know this but the first Monday after New Years is dubbed Divorce Day. On Divorce day, Lawyers typically see an increase in calls from couples looking to end their marriage.

This year we are seeing a major increase in users reaching out to our professionals. This is not surprising – Covid has been difficult for all of us. It has either made our relationships stronger, or made us question whether the relationship can go the distance.

The Covid 19 lockdown combined with the holidays this year is presenting as an extremely difficult time for couples who are in transition. People tend to make promises to themselves… “If Christmas goes well then we will give it another shot”, “If we have a nice New Years then maybe we will be okay”. The reality is that most people don’t change for the holidays and a broken relationship does not usually get repaired over the holidays. The pandemic has added additional stress over the holidays, with couples in each others spaces all day and night, bringing relationships to a breaking point quicker.

With many people already reaching out to professionals on our site for guidance and advice, Divorce day 2021 appears to be amplified taking a toll on many marriages this year.

If you find yourself in this situation and in need of help, comfort or just want to connect with others going through a similar situation… the Divorce Angels has many resources available to help navigate this time.

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