It’s no secret: divorce data is scarce!

While Statistic Canada tracks the growing number of marriages that end in divorce, the last data released was in 2008.  In doing our own investigation, it seems the information that everyone wants to know about just can’t be found!

People experiencing divorce are alway looking to see if there own feelings and actions are similar to those who have also been through it.   Hearing how others felt helps to normalize the process.

Is everyone really amicable? Are they also fighting about finances and children? How did they manage through the pain?

So, on the heals of Valentines day when many couples seem to contemplate Divorce – Divorce Angels tallied its research findings from over 6000 users this past year to ask the real questions that everyone wants to know…

How many of you would actually stay in your marriage if you caught your partner cheating?
Turns out only 20 percent of Canadians would stick around and try to work through that.

And what’s the first thing Canadians do when they decide to divorce?
Well over half of you went on line and started to get educated – combing websites, scouring forums and searching for helpful information and advice.

Most Canadians needed support and found solace by talking with friends about their situation. Not far behind was the need to share with family members… and last on that list was sharing with their own children.

Less than 4% of those polled appraised their home and assets once faced with the decision to divorce. Not surprising, most identified being overwhelmed, desiring emotional assistance, being less focused on getting “practical” about their situation.

And unequivocally, the biggest challenge during and after a divorce – Money! Couples are overcome fighting about finances and support, with many concerned they will need to relocate in order to maintain their quality of life.

Other challenges include fights over children and wanting to protect their kids’ state of mind.

When asked how long it took to take off the wedding ring, the majority of people (72%) said they took it off “right away, while 24% sold it, and 6% remodeled it. Not a single person identified with keeping it on after their decision to divorce!

On the hot topic of sex, over 38% waited two years after their divorce to resume sexual activity. Shockingly, 44% moved on after only 1 week to 3 months.  Only a small percentage (at 3%) reported to already having sex prior to the actual divorce.

Those results aren’t really surprising when over 72% of those polled had contemplated leaving their spouse for over 2 years before actually making the move!

Divorce Angels wants you to know that no matter what your divorcelooks like, we can connect you to the assistance you need to navigate your divorce,  make the right choices and move through this transitional time in your life, with greater ease, clarity of mind and confidence.

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