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I am divorced an both me and my x husband are re married and we do parent fairly ok . I do have a question my X mother in-law has spread lies about my own mother and is very disrespectful to my husband . It is my job to schedule time for her to see her grandchildren or would that be the responsibility of my x husband. I want the boys to see her however I feel it’s not my responsibility to have her over to pick up the kids at my home especially since she is very rude to me and my husband. I feel my x husband should be the one to plan time with his mother and the kids and if he wants to pick the kids up on extra days to hang out at his house with his mother I have no problem with that . For some reason He feels I should be the one in contact with his mom to schedule this , am I wrong in feeling that it’s not my responsibility to stay in contact and schedule all this with his mother?

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