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Where and HOW to start

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. I’m trying to find the strength to talk to my husband about a divorce and don’t know how (if that makes sense) I recently found out that he is a prescription drug addict and blew our ENTIRE savings. Now we have nothing.. we haven’t slept in the same room for 2 years so I have slept in our spare room. My stepson decided he needed to move in because it’s closer to his job.. Husband literally threw me out of my bed and I’m sleeping on the couch. I tried sticking up for myself and husband got mad and took off his wedding ring. I know we haven’t been happy for awhile but I think we stay together because of our daughter. Anyway not sure if this is where I need to be but I’m scared anytime I speak my mind he always says I’m a selfish woman who needs to grow the F up…  I make a great living and do not want one penny of child support because I know he’s a amazing father who would buy our daughter  whatever she needs as would I. I just don’t know where to start 😢

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