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Travel conundrum

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my ex and I have a 6 year old son and a Separation Agreement that stipulates neither parent shall “unreasonably” withhold consent for the other parent to travel with our child. We’re having trouble agreeing on what is “unreasonable”. He wants to go to Calgary for 4 days/nights during spring break. We live in Winnipeg. I am saying no for multiple reasons: 1) he made a threat in summer to not give my son back; 2) kiddo might need another set of tubes put in his ears and if spring break is the earliest time they have available, I believe that takes precedent over a trip; 3) they (my ex, his fiancé, and her 14yr old son) are travelling within Calgary. I am of the opinion that my objections are not unreasonable. He thinks they are. We are trying to navigate mediation. Any insights??

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