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I’ve been married for 6 years, we have 3 kids my step son (12), daughter (5), and son (3).  I’ve come to the realization that my husband and I want different things in live.  He doesn’t like to leave the house other then to work, which would be fine if he spent more time with the kids while being inside all day but he doesn’t.  I sometimes wonder if he even likes the kida, we spend little time ever really doing anything fun or talking “our fun” is watching tv.  I’m so depressed and have such bad anxiety any more that I don’t even try to get him to do anything fun, because it’s really hard to do it with him around. I don’t want to go places with him, it’s not fun he doesn’t have fun which makes it not fun for everyone.  I have a job working 35 hours a week making a little over min wage and I’m not sure how I can support myself and two kids by myself.  I know our bills and even tho my husband makes good money we still live check to check because of our bills, once we have things paid off it will be much better but that won’t be for another year and I’m not sure I want to be trapped and unhappy for that much longer.  I have brought up divorce before and well it didn’t go well, he says very hurtful things and then tries to make up and says things will change…

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