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I recently just went through a bad break up with my ex fiancé. We have been together for years & have a child together. We have had our ups & downs never the perfect relationship but we managed to get through it. The last few years have been good and he has been pushing marriage for awhile so we both agreed to get married. He was excited, I was excited & our child was extremely excited mom & dad were finally getting married. We were planning the wedding for about a year & a half had everything arranged everything was good. Then he starting taking steroids to look good for the wedding it was just the oral ones first and barely any side effects but not doing much for his body. So he turned to the injectable kind without me knowing. He blew up, his muscles were huge, he had body acne, yellow eyes, and mood swings. He would go from one extreme to the other. He admitted to using other drugs, he threaten suicide, he couldn’t sleep, he was different and everyone saw it. Then he called off the wedding two weeks before. We had everything paid for, faculty were home to help celebrate but he decided he didn’t want to get married. The one who pushed for it, the one who helped plan it, the one who that day was saying we should have this song just said no I don’t want to marry you. I was destroyed, he blamed me saying I didn’t show him I loved him enough. I was going to marry him how could I not love him. Then I found out he was cheating with a girl from work, she knew about me, our son, the wedding but that didn’t stop her or him. He is currently still with her but is not committed to her either. While home he went from threatening me to asking could he stop by for sex, obviously not In the right state of mind. After he called off the wedding he took off to be with her leaving me and our son broken and picking up the pieces. He has been extremely angry with me since, putting me down, threatening me, belittling me, u name it. But the question is why? I didn’t do anything he left, he cheated, he destroyed our family why is he angry with me? When I was packing his stuff I found the steroids and needles that’s when stuff started coming together. Or perhaps I am looking for excuses for him. Perhaps he is just happier with her. But right now I don’t know if it’s safe for our son to be around him the mood swings, the drugs the threatened suicide, his hatred towards me I am afraid he could do something to harm him. You read all the stories and roid rage I am truly scared. Anyone go through anything like this?

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Hi, Though i don’t have answers for you, as I’m going through my own separation here too, I just wanted to say be strong, for your child.

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You have to be strong and as he wants to be with the other girl I would suggest you consult an attorney for the custody of your son. Clearly he is under the influence of drugs and it’s not good for the kid.

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You have to stay strong. you can consult an attorney for the custody.

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I would suggest you be calm and strong. Your kid needs your support and in case you want custody of your child to consult a good lawyer.

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Peggy Rimmer

Good to hear this..

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