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Separation Issues

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First off, I’m a 61 year old on disability pay. My wife left me about 3-months ago because of money problems. We had bought a house together with her intentions she would eventually get a job. She’s worked one for about two months before issues always come up while working that always makes her get fired or she quits.  It’s been a trend since we’ve been together.  Now this is a women I’ve been with for 8-years living together. Been married for 2-years before she left. Kinda my stupidity that we ever got married but that’s a long story in itself. We’ve been keeping in contact since she has left. She went to be a live-in caretaker for this guys mother who is very well off. (rich)  Now she’s known this guy for 30 years and contacted him thru. face-book and tells him her story of wanting to leave me because she was tired of our being broke situation. Plus we moved out in the middle of nowhere away from our hometown.

When she first left she had told me to don’t involve her with anything I do and to just work on taking care of myself. Now all of a sudden she’s asking me for money and making threatening remarks of getting a lawyer to wipe me out if I don’t.  Any advice welcome. I know to get a lawyer myself, but is there anybody out there that could give me any other advice. I can’t give her money that I don’t have much less afford a lawyer. We don’t have any kids together. The only thing involved is the house that’s coming out of my disability pay.

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