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Hi, Found out 5 months ago my husband of 27 years was having an affair and has since decided to end all communication with me in regards to our children/finances. Last words to me were you need to start covering all the financial responsibilities because I’m not in the new year.( I’m a stay at home mom for the past 5 years since we have adopted a emotional/behaviour child with FASD) we have another 18 year adopted and one 12 year old biological child.
He has developed a relationship with the two adoptive boys(previously not close at all) and they have been lying to me about things like were they have been and Xmas plans. Previously we discussed to take time especially for the younger boys as it’s a emotional situation and it needs to be handled properly when meeting other people. He did it anyways and told the 14 year old to lie. He has cut all ties with our bio son because bio knows about affair and no one else does.
I’m broken but don’t have time to be broken because I have three kids to get through this and dealing with a narcissist ex husband. Our 18 /. 14 year think he’s a hero and the sunshine’s out of his…. and our 12 year old has blocked him since finding out he’s spending t8me with the other boys over Xmas…
How can he be like this? How does he think this is okay?
It’s a mess and I’m at a loss…

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I am so sorry… this is so hard for you.  I hope you have access to a great support system and a therapist to help you through.  Don’t be bullied.. he can’t just cut you off financially.  Speak to a lawyer and know your rights!

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