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Sad and worry

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I was just confirm that my daughter have autism and now my wife wanted a divorce. My daughter have just turned 3. I wanted nothing more then to both parents care and love by her side. This is the reason why I stay with my wife even know I don’t love her and have to put up with her everyday. What is going to happen our future? I have never feel so sad and worries like this.

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Hi Billy,

I believe that taking care of a child with autism is one of the greatest challenges we face as parents.

Bless your wife with love and gratitude for what she brought to your life and for the beautiful gift she gave you -your daughter.

Now, you have the perfect opportunity to go deep into the recesses of your very being to love and care for your daughter, unconditionally. What a great lesson in  practicing Unconditional love!!!

You may be sad now, but you will come out on the other side as a better father, parent, son, brother – a better person.

What a blessing !!

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