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Hi I have been seperated with my wife for 8 months we in a seperation agreement problem .I have been told that its 50/50 for property  on divison but I have a complicated sitution.my mom gave us a gift for the down of a home in both our names .she was originally supposed to stay with us at this home because we were expecting to wait for a place at a nursing home.now to get her to go to a nursing home she needed to be tested to see if she understod and wanted to go she did not pass.me and ex wife are POA for health at the time ,now my mom was on waiting list .problem I have is the gift was given after this test she made for addmission to nursing home.now ex wants half but my Brother which is POA(im aswell) for property for my mom is gonna sue both of us for half each for that gift saying it was a form of fraud.Through this whole ordeal I didnt realize that this would ever be problem.if my brother sues i told him i would give my share back cause i dont want problems with mom.but the ex is not willing to give back her share she tells me that if it is a mistake I did the mistake so she shouldnt have to pay it back.I have a lawyer but he says that is gonna be an estate problem mixed with this seperation.I am stuck and dont know what to do.If I pay it back what will happen to me even though my brother sues her for other half of gift.




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I think you would be wise to consult with an Estate lawyer


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Yes, it is better to consult a lawyer. You can find a wide range of options for qualified lawyers on the web. You can also ask your friends and relatives about a professional lawyer. I am familiar with a lawyer from France- Bechara Tarabay. If you want, you can check this out to find about the lawyer. By consulting the right lawyer, you can get rid of this problem.

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