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I have been with my husband very close to 10 years. I know they say love is blind.  I have stood by him through so much and put my neck and life on the line for him. And he  doesn’t validate or even hint appreciation towards me. I feel I am expected to only do what he wants and likes.  He games all day on the weekends doesn’t help with family we have 3 kids. Even the kids are picking up the gaming addiction.  He would rather watch poem than come to me.  Any time he could lie and get away with it he will. He doesn’t care about my feelings, or wants or needs and I filed for divorce and put my foot down. Because of these topics. He said I hurt him! So he started signing up for dating sites and talking to random women.  No apologies nothing. We are in counseling and he doesn’t want to work on what we are suppose to. I found two great books that help with marriage and understanding the opposite sex and I gave him one and set it on his desk and he never even touches it.

Idk what keeps me hanging on. I feel stupid to be fighting so hard for a man that doesn’t seem to need or want me or love me.

He checks out women right in front of me knowing how it makes me feel. And keeps doing it!


He Texts ans emails a woman from work all the time and I am expected to be ok with it even if it’s 2am. But if the situation was reversed i would never hear the end of it!

Im emotionally drained….

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He has a character flaw that you can’t fix.  He is making the choices and you are not giving him any consequences so he continues to make those choices.  My husband walked out on me.  He’s cheated, watched porn, search sites for other woman, chatted with other woman, and probably more behind my back for years.  He was a great doting husband and father.  He has two sides.  Your husband doesn’t seem to feel remorse.  Leave.  I hate my life right now, but leave.  Have some respect.  My husband left close to 1 year now.  At first I was desperate to get him back.  Finding out more about his character has led me to divorce. Take care of your kids.  Would you ever allow your son to treat his wife like this?  Would you ever tell your daughter to allow her husband to do this to her?  If it is not okay then leave.  It sucks, it is hard, so prepare yourself.  Save money, find support, change passwords, document the cheating, etc.  Then kick him out!  So leave but not the actual house.  You kick him out.  Then see what happens.


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