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Please help me I dont want to loose my son

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Plesse my wife is always threatening to take our only child away. Now she said she does not want to marry me again and said she is taking my son. Please what can i do i cant live without him, also i have drinking problems. We have just been leaving together because of my son but now i think i will agree to her divorving me but am scared to loose my boy. I know have not been the best husband or father but i have never raised my hands on her but she yells at me and calls me all sort of names. Everytime we have issues, she packs her things including that of my son and leave the house
She only comes back after i beg and beg. She is using him against me. Even if she doez not want the mariage which has long been dead, atleast i need an arrangement where my son can come spend some time with me because i dont work in my country. Please advice me what i need to do. Am travelling back home soon and am so scared cos i do not know her plans for me. Please help me

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No worries, you won’t lose your son. I know this is their personal matter, but if they have already done with discussion of divorce, then the husband should discuss the property or home selling topic to his wife as they haven’t yet got apart from each other legally. According to me, the lady should hire a lawyer or estate planning attorney ( http://www.scottcounsel.com/NJEstatePlanningAttorney/ ) to take some steps on her behalf and in her favor. This will help the lady to take some decisions in her favor.

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