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my wife fake my signature on divorce paper

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hello, at first, I apologize for the long explanation, but I can’t make it shorter.
My name is Gamalier Feliz, i am a Dominican citizen.
I married to a US citizen in New York for 4 years ago and before that we have been together for 13 years in our house in DR.
after a half a year of stay in NY I decided to go back, It was a traumatic time for me in NY, my wife treating me like one of her patients (she is a Psychologist) she sent me to multiple meetings and programs designed for criminals, she don’t let me integrate me into communities like learning languages and finding jobs.
In the end only my psyche no more and I traveled back to the Dominican Republic.
After I get back to DR, my wife comes the day after me and tries to fix the situation. At last, we agree that we will return to our live rhythm as before we get married.
she comes every two months to DR on a visit and works online. She doesn’t like my work with tourist, so she decides to open a store with import stuff from the US, I was working as a manager and collecting products from shipping company which she sent from New York.
A year ago, I noticed that she apparently had a relationship with my nephew who lives with her and that she actually paid an arranged marriage for him, so he could get a residence permit in the United States.
When he started his divorce with his fake wife, my wife started talking about divorce too.
In August 2019 she comes to the Dominican Republic with divorce paper.
her lawyer was very manipulative and try to force me to write under on blank paper.
I do not want to sign on blank paper, in frustration I went out in the garden too cool down.
While I was in the garden, my sister, her son, my wife’s lawyer and my wife were in houses.
10 minutes after arriving polite and 911.
My wife calls after them and reports me for violence.
I was detained 2 days in custody and after questioning in court was set free because there was no medical evidence of violence and she did admit that we only have a divorce discussion, but I was detained by the court and could not return to my house, store or be in an area where she is. she put my motorbike and 2 suitcases on the street.
Her lawyer knew that my family could not become a witness according to Dominican Law and therefore we get audience time for trial 2 weeks after.
But my wife traveled to the United States before trial and never show up, so the case is still open and everyone is waiting until she comes back.
Since August I live with friends or family since I can’t come near my own residence, even though my wife is not here. I can not take care
of my children as I don’t have a home.
in time between August and December, I find out that our company and store in which I work for 1 year without payment,
is not registered in her or our name but in the name of a second manager which she just invites to USA.
Rental contract for our store was in my sister’s name ( she did it as my wife promise her take her to USA), and actually I have an invitation paper my wife prepper to the embassy, where she informed she is the owner of the company, but she is not. and I have a legally proves
I checked shipping paper and found out that she used false shipping info declarations, used my nephew’s name as sender and mine as the recipient.
only on one shipping in august 2019 was my wife’s name as a receiver here in DR. suggesting that she has a plan put me in jail already in May, (the time she shipping products to DR)
I find that she never change ownership paper for common ownership of our house in DR, which she bought for 4000 US and I have renovated for 30000-40000 over the last 17 years.
that she has a hidden bank account here in DR, where her book- sale from Amazon is on and that she never declares this income in the United States.
In early December I contacted her at whatsaap asking when she will be back so we can finish our divorce. And I can get my life back.
She sent me a photo of the divorce paper and informs me that we are no longer married.
With help from friends ( as I do not speak English self) I contact my wife’s lawyer in NY to hear how it is possible that my wife got divorce without my signature.
Today I receive an email from a lawyer that my wife has forwarded divorce paper signed by me, which I never sign.
So again she has committed a criminal act and I am here in DR totally powerless.
In our time together, we did invest in 2 houses in NY with 8 apartments in total which she rents out, at the same time she lives in the 3-floor house with my nephew.
My 17-year savings and marriage are gone and, I stand here on the street without the rights to my home, and my wife or ex-wife despite so many criminal acts, forgery of documents, signatures, fake export-import declarations, pay to arrange marriages and God know what more, live happy life, use our savings for a new sex mascot and I have no money for food or a lawyer to help me in this situation
so my question is, is a lawyer in same place who can help me with this case in USA?

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