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My father is trying to take my sister and my mother is going to fall apart

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hi I’m the daughter of a divorced mother and I need some advice. i have no contact with my father by choice, but my sister spends time with him. She was always reluctant but just in the past few weeks shes become almost instantaneously close with him. She went from not even spending the night with him to spending a whole week staying at his house. He has a new girlfriend (not committed, my sister said he was scrolling tinder while on the phone with the girlfriend), but this woman has been barred legally from seeing her children. My father has been trying to get the gf really close with my sister and theyve been doing that by sending my sister a lot of gifts. Now my father is not a smart man, he is a terrible role model, and he wouldnt not be able to keep her out of trouble. All the things my mother has tried to discourage my sister from; drugs, stealing, treating people with no respect or empathy, my sister will easily fall into these the second she has the chance. My father is trying to get my sister to live with him but it will not be good for her. I don’t like or care for my sister beyond how you would for a stranger (please don’t come at me with the whole ‘but she’s your sister’ thing, because that is not the way with all siblings and thats ok) but i know my mother will go into a downward spiral if she moves in with him. My mum has a very good career and is very smart (she earns over 4 times what he earns) and i really dont want to see her lose that because of my father and sister.
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my sister has a choice between a man who will ruin her life but give her plenty of ridiculous gifts and let her do what she wants, or a mother who will fight to give her a good life and keep up her mental health treatment. Im certain she will choose him, I just dont know how to keep my mother afloat. Her drinking is not that big of a problem right now, and id like to keep it that way

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