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Hello ,
I’m in a bit of a difficult and confused situation regarding my arbitration award. I will try to make the long story short. My ex and I went through arbitration as I was the one seeking to relocate with the children and change schools to be able to provide them with better life.
The decision came and to me it makes no sense. Originally I’m the primary care giver of the children. After the arbitration my ex did not get to be the primary care giver as he wanted for many reasons. I was allowed to move and relocate with the children 40 minutes away from our current home, but I was not allowed to change the kids school. I will continue to be the primary caregiver with primary residence but I will have to drive my children every other day 40 minutes each way to keep them in their current school. That decision does not make sense to me. Isn’t it more logical the school of the children to be close to their primary residence? That will be less disruptive. The arbitrator did not find it a good idea to change schools but agreed to change residence. My time with the kids at our new home will be cut way short as we will be spending lots of time travelling. If the arbitrator though its best to keep the kids in their old school then the primary residence should have been given to the father regardless if I like it or not to save the kids from all that extra travel.
Please share your thoughts? Is there a way I can appeal that decision? I have read any legal articles where the change of residency and school don’t go hand by hand if there is a bigger distance. I never heard of allowing the kids to relocate further distance but to remain in the same school where they will have to travel a lot.

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