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Matchmaking services after separation?

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Hi all! I am new here! I am 10 months separated and just arrived into Toronto after 4 years in Ottawa. I am from Toronto so i am happy to be back. I have had NO luck online dating and a recent yucky (well sort of) break up (I assume it is a break up as he has been silent for 3 weeks…apparently he loves the silent treatment) because I would not cut my hair. Anyways, in terms of dating, I was wondering if anyone had used a matchmaking service before? I am looking at joining the free database with Perfect Fit. It is advertised on the site here. I was wondering if anyone has ever had professional pictures done for online dating or to hand to a matchmaker? Apparently they want them as professional as possible. I do not have any like that; mine are all “fun” photos. And many are blurry selfies. Anyways, any comments are welcomed!

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