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After 25 yrs asked the husband to leave the house..Have two high school seniors it tears me up to do this them at such a crucial time for them but I am miserable and it all gave way today.. I am unsure of what i am doing and just feel drained and without direction

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Sounds rough but obviously you were extremely unhappy or you would never have asked him to go.  The kids will deal – you need to take care of your needs.  Maybe a break is just what you both need until you can figure out where you are going with it all? When my husband  left – I was a wreck.  He left after a  fight and it took a couple of weeks for both of us to calm down and figure out what our next steps were.

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I am on opposite side, my wife keeps on telling me that she no longer loves me  cause I am too self centric. This is after 25 years of marriage and threatened me to take divorce. Due to kids I always wanted to stay in marriage, now out of job and big fights, I some how feel that its better to let it go. I have struggled internally for a long time but now I feel that perhaps a short term challenge but kids will eventually be happy. But now when I presented to my wife that she can take all our money and relieve me of this relationship for good, she is not willing to do so. She wants to cling on it. Hence suggest that you give some time separated and perhaps you will feel different but I must say that mentally I have finally moved on.   Time is a big healer perhaps things will work better for you. Stay calm and things will work out as long as financially you are ok.

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