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My ex and I are disputing on when it is acceptable to introduce a new partner to our 3 year old son.  We both agreed 6 months but hie has since said this no longer applies.  He was in a relationship that end in February and two weeks ago he started dating someone new.  He introduced our son to he the first week and took him away with them both this past weekend.  I was furious.  He seems to think there is nothing wrong with it.  Am I alone in thinking introducing a new partner after two weeks is not acceptable?

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Tina, I think you are 100% right! That is ridiculous for your ex to introduce your son to someone he is casually dating. I would be furious also if he took him away with them.  That is so unfair to your son and so about your ex fulfilling his own needs! What a jerk!

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That’s not at all right. You should ensure that your child does not suffer.

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