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My husband been acting weird lately and I ask him if he was ok. He informs me that he a coward and he wrote me a letter.  I waited too read it cause I had to work(and I was so scared) but as soon as I got home I read it. 5 pages of how is not me it’s him and he not sure what he wants. He been on dating sites just for the opinion of the girls he says. I am shocked.  I didn’t even know we’re have problems. 17 years gone. I don’t know what to do or say he said that up to me what we do. I feel like I am going insane.

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Kimberley Joseph

I am so sorry.  Not the same situation but I have been married almost 30 years and my husband wants a divorce. It is heartbreaking.

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My husbad woke up after 20yrs. Crying.  Saying he has no joy. He is unhappy & ready to leave. Said its all about him now since the kids are grown. He ACTS like he doesnt care at all. Its sickening and heartbreaking.  Only a hand full of ppl knows. He hasnt filed for divorce but i know he is. Said he wants an apartment.  Ask me not to contest the divorce.  He has spoken to an attorney but said he wants to be with me to help through my surgery.  I really dont like him but i love him. My heart and mond hasnt caught up to him yet.

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Is it wrong if me to feel like I’m not good enough for my husband when he sneaks around in the middle of the night watching porn? He says it stems from when he was a child and his dad had tons of it around. He got hooked and lately he’s been stressed so he watches it a lot. He says it’s not me it’s his addiction.

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Sorry to hear what has happened to you, My wife of almost 13 years has just told me on valentines day she doesn’t love me anymore and the person who was helping her overseas is now her lover. Just tore my heart and stomped on it. She spent so much time blaming herself but under all of that she kept talking about how she’s felt like that for years and never told me. It all came from her saying i didn’t do enough around the house even though i’m disabled and she knew that when we got together, Now our Autistic child is in shambles and i’m left ti pick up whats left. We’re selling the house we’ve been making our own since we got it over 10 years ago and now all that hard work is gone, just like that. Selling and splitting the value and my daughter and i are gonna have to settle for a small house outside of town just to live. Its just not right isn’t it?

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Nathanial that is so much for you to deal with! I am so sorry! Stay strong – you will get through this!

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