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I believe that I can’t move on and i don’t know what to do

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I believe i can’t breathe or do anything with my life anymore. As I’m writing this I’m still shedding tears for this man . My husband and i have been married for a year and we know each other for three years. The reason he had left because he thought i was controlling and he didn’t like the way i treated him trust i never treat him like dirt or anything but he’s from a Muslim country and I’m American so of course they women must be submissive, and i never known because he never kinda of man handled me at all that’s where I’m confuse. Also i went back to school and that definitely made our relationship rocky. Now I’m graduating in six days I’m coming to a realization that i don’t know what to with myself.Dont get me wrong getting a degree and a pay raise and new experience is fine but it’s not the same bc i was always preoccupied. He had left me six months ago and i was fine for the first two weeks but then i realize i had made a mistake to let him go , i try to contact him but he disconnect me from everything he’s gotten a new phone number, car,apartment and block me off from all social media so they was no way to contact him . I CANT BELIEVE HIM. How can someone do that to someone after knowing them for so long that had really put me into a greater depression to the point i was drinking and smoking everyday and i tried dating again (yes I’m 21 and he’s 25) so many men near my age just want sex but i know me what happen to dating and that’s what i want because being with someone the last four years I’m not comfortable having sex with someone new without getting to know the person. Since he left in October i was a wrecked then last month i was finally i stop thinking about him and i was dating someone new but since i broke up with the new I’m thinking about my husband especially i had contact him couple days ago to see how he is doing and how he wants to do the divorce arrangement that he want but I’m too busy because of school and bills he left me. Why am I’m still madly in love and crying over a husband who left so abruptly basically change his lifestyle and left you bills, over little arguements especially the fact (i threw his clothes out bc something bad he did) and message you he doesn’t love you and mean comments over messages ? Please tell me why and sorry if some doesn’t make sense I’m crying while writing this and trying to put this together in a short passage

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