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How to get over a divorce and move on?

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Hi everyone. So I am reaching out to see if I can get any support/advice on how to best get over a divorce. I am about to finish the process and the divorce should be final in a couple weeks. Me and my wife have been separated close to 2 years now. Though I gotta say I think about it less now and the pain is slowly disappearing, I still can’t fully get over it, and comes to my mind every other day putting me in a sad/angry mood. I never wanted to divorce and was always looking to find a way to solve things. So divorce really was all intiated by my my ex and I basically just replied to the paperwork as it comes because I have to by law, and she didn’t want to try and fix things. When she first left I always tried to ask her to come back and asked her to try therapy to see if we can fix things. She was very cordial at the beginning but will not want to come back. We eventually met for a trip we had planned before she left and decided to go to not wast all the money we spent on it. We talked about things and it seemed she was wiling to give it another try. However, mind that her family was always pushing hard for her to divorce me. They never wanted us to get married. So once we came back she went back to her familiy house where she was staying and just completely took a bitter attitude against me for no reason. I was very confused as the trip went well and it seemed she was willing to work things out, or at least things were friendly between us. However, after she went back home she called me and said she talked to her family and does not want this anymore. From here she took this very nasty attitude against me. after a year of her pretty much disappearing I thought it was best to just reach out reach out and tell her we should just remain friends and get this divorce process completed in a friendly manner so it’s easier for both. she got mad and said she does it want to be my friend and then basically we just had to go the long route. Like I said we have got to the point were the divorce will be finalized in a couple weeks, but as I was reflecting I still believe in a weird way I still have feelings for her and can’t get over it. At the same time I also get moments were I think how could she be so nasty with me if I always was very cordial with her after the fact and just get angry.  However, the whole situation hurts. I am just trying to move on and live my life. I am in my  twenties still and though I try to move on and meet other girls I think just feels odd and and I feel like I don’t even know how to try and date again. Plus I am always thinking about the fact that none of these girls will want to be with a guy that got divorced.


So in essence if you made it this far thank you for taking time to read his long post. If you have any advice/suggestions on how to get over this it will be much appreciated.



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