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How to Divorce without losing my cool

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I am really struggling – I want to strangle my Ex who is being so ridiculous and fighting me on everything.  All that he is doing is making our lawyers rich and compromising our children’s college fund.  Anyone have any tips on how to handle this nonsense? And for the record… HE was the one who wanted the Divorce not ME!!!!!!!!!

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I have been in a similar situation.  Its just all about control.  Pick your battles wisely especially when calculating the legal fees involved to resolve each issue.  The best thing my and ex and I did was go into mediation (against his wishes)…which was way more focused on finding resolution to our issues and negotiating settlement fairly.  Even my ex was satisfied with the outcome.


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I also went through mediation and we did get a resolution but it took some time.  Getting divorced is not for the faint of heart

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