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Why do I do this to myself? He told me 9 months ago he thought we’d be happier apart. (Not mutual) I was struggling with menopause and empty nest, and I think now he is/was feeling the effects of a midlife crisis. He left for work, reconnected with a woman from his past. Flash forward..they’ve both divorced their spouses and are now living together (in my former home). I’m torturing myself thinking he will wake up from this and realise what he’s done. And want our life back. I vowed to love him forever, having trouble letting go. 💔

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We were married for 25+ years

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My heart goes out for you, My wife decided to leave me for her childhood friend on valentines day and only 4 days before our 13th anniversary. But please don’t torture yourself over this as he made the decision to leave you and it can never be the same after leaving. I thought i was going to be with my wife forever as we had the pact we made on our wedding day that “I will not leave you” “If you don’t leave me” It was a simple pact that we cherished but her heart wasn’t in the relationship after she started chatting with her friend back in the UK and found out he was single again, I guess these 13 years was just keeping herself busy while waiting on him to be free.

It hurts i know and wish there was more to do but if they can just leave for someone else it can never be the same again.

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I can’t believe this! I came back from afghanastan early and to my surprise, i walked into the bedroom and saw my best friend and my wife sleeping together

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This is so awful! You are better than that! Let her go…

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