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He says he’s leaving me

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But he hasn’t moved out yet, still clinging to good but I don’t know if I’m just denying that’ it’s over because I don’t want to face it.

not sure what I’ll do if it is, 9 years later and another ending.. not sure if I have another restart in me and I’m going to really miss him not just a person being there.


Anyone gone/going through similar? Advice?

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I am going through something similar.. I caught my husband cheating and we have been together for 11yrs. He’s cheated in the past but this time is physical with someone who is within my family. I have a hard time grasping that the man I loved is no longer there…he won’t leave and is not making moves to  sell and move out. I’m so tired of the game s</p>

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I am, ive been married since 2014 and we have 1 kid together. He asked for a divorce two days before thanksgiving. Then come to find out hes been on dating forums and made a connection with someone months ago and has been talking to them. Came as a complete shock. No idea how to process all the feelings and emotions i have

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