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He says he’s leaving me

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But he hasn’t moved out yet, still clinging to good but I don’t know if I’m just denying that’ it’s over because I don’t want to face it.

not sure what I’ll do if it is, 9 years later and another ending.. not sure if I have another restart in me and I’m going to really miss him not just a person being there.


Anyone gone/going through similar? Advice?

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I am going through something similar.. I caught my husband cheating and we have been together for 11yrs. He’s cheated in the past but this time is physical with someone who is within my family. I have a hard time grasping that the man I loved is no longer there…he won’t leave and is not making moves to  sell and move out. I’m so tired of the game s</p>

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I am, ive been married since 2014 and we have 1 kid together. He asked for a divorce two days before thanksgiving. Then come to find out hes been on dating forums and made a connection with someone months ago and has been talking to them. Came as a complete shock. No idea how to process all the feelings and emotions i have

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My wife in August of 2019 told me that she wished to separate from me and that she was going to move out. We have one precious little boy together who is the “apple of my eye”. I love him very much and I have an excellent realtor ship with my son.

When my wife told me this I was absolutely in shambles and heartbroken. While we may have had our tough times over the years I was a loving, devoted and caring husband who really did everything I could for her. She had alot of physical health issues and despite her being mean and nasty to me in front of our son I still did for her and eventually in Aug 2019 I also became the primary physical and emotional care giver /” main hands “on parent to our son.

We started counseling together jointly in the fall of that year which ended up being miserable as my wife just didn’t seem to be willing to be honest with the therapist and was not willing to bend even one inch or validate my concerns as a spouse or parent.

I found out in the winter of 2020 that my wife was intrested in having a same sex relationship with other women and was not willing to be honest about that. To !Ake matters worse she finally walked out on me in June of that year and essentially kidnapped our son and kept him away from me.

In order to be a gentlemen and be polite I did not reveal to anyone that she wanted something else. However I had no choice but to discuss that with a third party when it was clear she was not coming back to me. As an act of revenge she filed a frivolous restraining order which I was able to get rid of this past March. I have been fighting for custody of my son since June 2020 and during the course of these past two years of separation my estranged wife has hid psychatric hospital visits and many forms of neglect to our son. She didn’t realize until June 2022 that I know about everything.

If my wife wants something else and does not wish to be married to me anymore that is her right and as hurtful as it is I will respect that decision. What was not acceptable was the hiding and covering up the truth within this process.


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@guest 3 – so sorry you are going through this.  That is so unacceptable

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