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Do I have a good chance at full custody?

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I have a ton of concerns. But I am just curious on one thing about my ex that has bothered me for years. A few years ago when we were together I caught him searching up teen escorts. And one search that said 14 year old stripping. He lived with my friend and convinced me his roommate searched it on his computer. Now we have a kid. One time they were playing and he called our 1 year old a pervert  On top of that his father was just charged with child pornography l am very concerned that him and his father are creeps and I don’t want them around my kid. I never reported his searches because I truly thought it was his roommate and didn’t know what to do. It was years ago so I don’t know if it can be used now but as time has passed I don’t trust him alone with our child.

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You would obviously need concrete proof, but having said that I would suggest you contact a lawyer.


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