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Divorce with one of spouse out of Canada

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I am about to start my divorce process and I’ve doing some research about how to get a divorce in Alberta, since my husband is a resident of Calgary. Some professioanls Ive talked to, told me that as long as one of us is a resident of Alberta for at least one year, I could apply for a divorce there, even being in Brazil,  where I live now. Other people informed me that the only way that I can proceed with a divorce in Canada is if my ex initiates the divorce on paper and without this, I cannot obtain a divorce in Canada, meaning, he has to be the “Plaintiff”. 
I would like to confirm which information it is the right one to decide which way I would take. I am ready to get this marriage ended legally, I just need to know if I can start the process out of Canada. We do not have  kids or marital property together. We got married in Burnaby, BC, but my ex has been living in Alberta forat least 02 years now. 
Maybe you can provide the information I am looking for. I look foward to hear from you. 
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