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Dealing with an Abusive Ex Husband


Are there any professionals out there that I can use to deal with my abusive ex husband.?    I have full custody and complete financial responsibility for our daughter.  The only way my ex  is allowed to communicate with me is through email and he is still so abusive to me and seems he is starting to behave that way with my  daughter when he spends time with her.    I  really need some advice  as I don’t want my daughter to endure the same psychological abuse my ex has inflictted on  me.   My child’s safety and security is the most important thing   Not sure where to turn….


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So many questions:  How old is your daughter?  Does your ex have unsupervised visits?  How often does your daughter see her father?  Are you seeing a therapist?  Is your daughter seeing a therapist?  Great ones on this site…you might want to look into it.


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