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Good morning,

Just wondering if anyone has any sort of input on the following matter… I paid for the divorce between my ex and I. In the paperwork I had it noted that he would be responsible for 1/2 of the cost of the divorce. When he was served with the paperwork, he could have contested it, which he did not. I have still not received any payment for his portion nor has my lawyer. He has a court order to pay it. This has been going on since June. Anyone else encounter a similar experience and any thoughts on how to enforce a court order?

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Michelle Simpson

Hi MJ. You are not alone facing this issue. My sister went through the same experience. She along with her lawyer begin with sending a letter to her spouse and one may also take the help from the police so that they may help you to enforce the order. At last when their was no response from her husband’s side they filed an action for contempt. Her lawyer supported her in all steps. For more reference you may also checkout various articles and blogs.

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