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Common law divorce

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Hello all.

My friend wants to end his common law relationship.

Back.story – his wife died.  Then he met this pot smoking woman who lived with her parents who had 3 kids with 3 different dads.  None of the dads paid her child support because they were also losers.  Mom worked part time minimum wage job.  My friend Bob, buys a.house for them all after dating for no months.  They all move in. He pays for everything, kids education, cars.  She did put 10,000.00 down to help with buying house.  He gave her checks monthly 900.00. This was 2006 BEFORE COMMON LAW RULES APPLIED IN BC.   2013 gov. Changed the rules about commonlaw.   2012 he realized she was a.lazy useless drug addict so he moves out.  He kept.giving her the checks though. He would go.back to the house every couple weeks to grab stuff as she lives happily in said house with her kids.  He lives in town 3.hours away.

Now – he wants her out!! He wants to sell the house.  She wants to keep.whole.house!  She still has a 17 yr old living there. Since he was renting in another town amd NoT living in his house with her since 2012, does he need to give her half of his house and entire savings and pension and alimony???

We.cant find anything online like Bobs situation.

Thank you so much for reading all this.

Any advice would be helpful. This is BC Canada



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