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Child won't talk to ex while I am around

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I just recently went through a bad separation with my ex. We were together for 15 years and have a 10 year son together. He left us for someone else. He has been inconsistent in my sons life since and drug use is suspected. It only happened a few weeks ago but he is constantly disappointing my son. He doesn’t come home when he is supposed to, when he does come home he goes back earlier. He calls every day while he is working but when he is with her the calls are inconsistent and this just upsets him.
He went back 3 days earlier than he was supposed to and since then my son has been extremely upset crying, angry refusing to talk to him. He has refused to talk to him the last 4 days. I really do want him to have a relationship with his dad but I don’t want to force him to talk to his dad if he doesn’t want to either. Today I returned to work and he talked to his dad, this makes me look bad as if I was the one who prevented him from talking to him. I have made it clear to my son I do not care if he talks to his dad I have actually suggested it. His dad has been known to put me down when he is with my son so not sure if this may have something to do with it.  I just understand why he would do this. I have never put him in the position where he would have to choose. I have even contacted psychologist to see if how I should deal with him not talking to his dad. Anyone have any advice?

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