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5 clues your spouse is have relations with someone else

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What if I experience all of the above but I am sure he is not cheating? No interest in sex, or me, rarely had in the past too. I was always the one initiating. He never planned or wanted to go on vacations with me, no interest in having kids. Trips and Gifts? What are you guys talking about? I only dreamt about it. I made all my gifts and trips come true. My only conclusion is that he does not love me or does not love me the way I would like it to be. Or want or really deserves to have a family. It may not be cheating with another person but it is equally hurtful and upsetting. To realize you lived so many years for another person and he was not sharing the same passion, or even half of what you feel, for you. Good lesson. This test only proved to me what I felt for a long time is that I am not appreciated and I should leave. I never had what these women experienced in their lives. I was always on the giving side of the relationships. Both emotionally, financially and otherwise. These women should be grateful for at least the time they had with such generous and loving husbands. And learn that nothing, including love and happiness, lasts forever. Mind you, I’m not justifying their husbands behaviour. But just saying, you had a great life and be thankful for those happy years. Because not every woman gets that, no matter how beautiful, smart or capable she is. Even for a period of time, let alone a lifetime. Shared love and great marriage is a privilege and luck, not a preexisting right or something that everyone is bound to find in life. May be too pessimistic at times but this is me version of reality and just my 2 cents. Treasure what you have and when it’s over, treasure all the positives that you had in the past.

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I have to agree with number 5. Lack of overall interest . My situation was so difficult because my ex booked a family vacation kids and all .There was complete silence on the airplane and for pretty much the rest of the trip . I knew my marriage was over before he announced our divorce to my kids at the end of the vacation .

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This blog is very insightful and helpful with recovery. If only I knew then that I would need it! I agree with Mishie -the biggest take away is lack of interest. For anyone wondering about their significant other – trust your gut. If they are interested in you, you should never need to question it. Never question your own worth. I have moved on and have found love again because I am worthy. The experience my cheating spouse provided me (although heartbreaking) had a silver lining. I recognized my own value.

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Family vacation.  yes.  In 20+ years, he NEVER suggested going anywhere tropical for a vacation.  In fact, he was always against it, even though I would have loved to travel.  Claimed we could have enough fun and relaxation in our local area.  Well, he just spent a year working out of province (and yes, I do believe he was cheating while he was away) and when his job was almost completed he started really pushing for a carribean family vacation.  We have been home for a few weeks now, but I am waiting for the other shoe to drop any day.

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Here’s 5 Reason’s a Woman suspects her Husband is Cheating

1) Wife does not have sex with her husband;

2) Husband is grump all the time because of the lack of sex and affection;

3) Wife does not have sex with her husband;

4) Wife used to have sex when they were dating;

5) Wife does not have sex with her husband.

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