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I’m beside myself. My wife has been having an “internet” affair that was physical 2 times and hen it first happened over 5 years ago and has still continued since. We had a baby boy two years ago last week and on the time I was going to take my vacation I found out she was still talking with this man and it about floored me. I’m asking for a divorce because I have no other option any longer, the last thing I want is my boy to be in another home with the potential for another man to be in his life but I have come to terms with it. I just keep getting more and more stuff pop up from third parties on my spouse saying I’m physically abusing her and I am not. I’ve tried a restraining order and it fell through and I just want her out of the house. She has nothing and is still home waiting to get enough money to get her own place, today we finally are starting to come to some agreements with divorce and I’m so sad but happy. I know I will be free from her shit but I’m gonna be giving my son up or at least feel that way because I never wanted him to ever be gone away from me and now in the future it will become a reality and it scares me. I’m trying to tell her I want full physical custody because I have a lot of dirt on her and it has her scared and so if that happens I’d be happy. I will not take our boy from her and will let her be a mother and won’t pull crap because she knows I’m an outstanding father that won’t take him away from her I just want full custody. I’m not sure what else to do.

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