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Call for divorce on Valentines Day

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It’s finally happened. after just 4 days shy of

our 13th anniversary my wife has asked for

separation. Very hard to talk about this but i

just don’t know who to talk to or where to talk

so was happy to have found this page even though

it took me 30-40mins of searching to find. Its

amazing how there are more sites for lawyers

then support/help.

But after several days of talking we finally

started a dialog to go off. We sat down and my

wife admitted that her feelings for me have been

gone for almost 3 years now but an event from 2

years ago was her tipping point. From there she

has been withdrawing herself from me while not

saying anything and i never picked up on

anything so i’ll take blame here.

But what has made it even harder was the fact

that while she was overseas dealing with family

business and she fell in love with a long time

friend of hers. He now has her heart and she

came back without telling me anything or even

admitting to it until valentines day. Now i’m

trying to pick up the pieces of my life knowing

that i will be living with the woman i still

love but her heart belongs elsewhere. I’m

trying to hold it together but its hard on me.

I just can’t stop crying over this.

But as much as we talked recently it seems like

she is torn between me and the other guy. She

says she still loves me but is not in love with

me but wants to still be friends which i’m fine

with but i just can’t continue life living with

her, It just hurts to bad seeing her everyday

in our house, our family just collapsing. It

wouldn’t be so bad if we just drifted apart and

became friends but its just she has had 3 years

to drift from me and i have had only 2 days to

come to terms with this.

Sorry if i’m double pacing and saying things

over but i have horrible health and my mind gets

fibro-fog easily. I tried stepping up my game

with helping around the house the best i can

with limited mobility but it just hurts that i’m

just now cluing into what has happened and

detest myself for not realizing my folly sooner.

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Hi Nathaniel — Just read this and I am so sorry to hear about that. Hope you are doing much better. Similar situation happened to me last year – and am finally feeling like my old self again. Trust the process — you will get through this.

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