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Any advice how to survive this I could use

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married 34 years..  My husband is offering two years of spousal maintenance at $2000 a month. I think it’s unreasonable. He makes over $125,000 per year.  What  other peoples experience would be reasonable. The attorney is costing me a fortune I’m ready to just talk recently with him but I just need to know what would be an acceptable number. Thanks for the input

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This could me be, except it’s my wife who was making the same amount. My pay is just less than half of her pay. She made me a very similar offer. I say pay the lawyer. It will pay off big for you in the long run. No guarantees but depending on your wage and where you live, you should be in line for about $3000 monthly and from anywhere to one year of support for every two years married to one for one. That would change if you remarry, however.


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That doesn’t sound reasonable at all.  Where are you located?

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