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50/50 custody schedule

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My husband and I are planning to get divorced and so far things have been pretty amicable. We are able to sit down and discuss what we each need in order to be successfully divorced. One of the topics that we haven’t discussed in much detail is custody of our children. I think we both know this could easily turn into an argument so we don’t bring it up other than to say we both agree that we will share custody. I haven’t asked him what sort of custody schedule he would like but I have thought about one that I would like. I’m hoping to hear other people’s opinions about what schedules work best and also what people think about the schedule I would like. I’m hoping that by knowing ahead of time what issues people have that I will be able to have a response ready if he shares those concerns. The schedule I am hoping to have in place is one where the kids live with each of us for six months at a time. What I mean by this is that one parent would be the primary caregiver for six months and the other parent would have weekend visitation. One problem that I thought of was that one parent would only have the kids before and after school Monday to Friday and that time would be mostly taken up with daily activities like homework, chores and sports while the other parent would get all the fun time on the weekends. To fix this problem I would like the primary caregiver to get one weekend a month with the kids. That would mean that for six months one parent would have the kids Monday to Friday and every fourth weekend and then the other parent would have the same arrangement for the next six months. It’s important to know that once my husband and I are divorced we will continue to live close to each so I’m not proposing this schedule because we will live a great distance from each other. The reason I want this arrangement is because I really dislike the idea of my kids needing to switch back and forth between homes so I would like to limit it as much as possible. With my husband and I continuing to live close to each other we would both still be able to be involved in our children’s daily activities such as school and sports so living with one parent wouldn’t mean not seeing the other. Please let me know your thoughts on this and your suggestions for other arrangements that might work. Thanks!

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