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14 years — surprise! I’m gay!

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On Dec. 30, my husband of fourteen years left for eight hours and wouldn’t tell me where he was. He came home later that night with a pierced penis. Just before he came home, I received a notification that one of my contacts had just started a new SnapChat account. It was my husband. He denied it vehemently and somehow stupidly, I believed him. The following day as we were discussing NYE plans, a SnapChat notification came up on his iPad from “Kara heart heart”. I knew then that he had to be having an affair. He finally admitted to me that he’s been attracted to transsexuals since he was 15, that he was living a lie and that he couldn’t do it anymore. He swears that he hasn’t acted it on it physically and that the (inappropriate) online contact hasn’t been going on for that long (roughly 47 days according to my snooping, which corroborates what he’s told me). Anyway, I am really just looking for someone to talk to while we start the ugly process of divorce and moving on with our lives (he obviously sooner than me).

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