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Desree Crooks

Well, first and foremost your love for self is the most important thing right now.  If you feel in your heart that you want out, then that is what you should do.  Sit down a write on a sheet of paper all the pros and cons regarding your marriage, if the cons outweigh the pros then there is your answer.   It might be scary at first because you may not have the type of finance that you are accustomed to. But if leaving will give you peace of mind then you do the math.  You are a teacher you have a career, you can find a full-time job to support yourself.  At this moment take the time for you and clear your head, it’s all about you right now and in order to help others, you first must help yourself. This may not be the end of your marriage but allow this to be the beginning of you.  Take the time for you first then decide what you will do from that point on.