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Man from Mars

I went through this at 33 after 3 years of marriage and again at 56 after 22 years of blissful marriage. You are young enough to rebound, recover and find a better woman that will make you forget the past one. And it will take that to recover or go MGTOW. Most beautiful women are vain and selfish if you want to go that route, better to find a friend first and take the time to let her fall for you first, Then never quite let your guard down and she will stay on the edge of emotion for many years to come. I lasted 22 years before I caved in and showed complete love and it was over then. Don’t love them that much and you won’t have to ever feel this way again. Some are complicated creatures, and some will love you only for better or until something better comes along. It’s a crapshoot. Good luck