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He has a character flaw that you can’t fix.  He is making the choices and you are not giving him any consequences so he continues to make those choices.  My husband walked out on me.  He’s cheated, watched porn, search sites for other woman, chatted with other woman, and probably more behind my back for years.  He was a great doting husband and father.  He has two sides.  Your husband doesn’t seem to feel remorse.  Leave.  I hate my life right now, but leave.  Have some respect.  My husband left close to 1 year now.  At first I was desperate to get him back.  Finding out more about his character has led me to divorce. Take care of your kids.  Would you ever allow your son to treat his wife like this?  Would you ever tell your daughter to allow her husband to do this to her?  If it is not okay then leave.  It sucks, it is hard, so prepare yourself.  Save money, find support, change passwords, document the cheating, etc.  Then kick him out!  So leave but not the actual house.  You kick him out.  Then see what happens.