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well… i thought I am all alone in this horrible situation, now am somewhat relieved that there are others with similar situations…. I too found out my husband have had a 11 months affair with this woman whom he met online.  They had a sexual relationship and he was going to leave me and the kids for her.  Of course I was devastated and shattered.  I was married to this monster for 22 years with 3 wonderful children.  First I didn’t want my children not having a father, second, financially would be disastrous without him so… I begged him to stay and he did.  He left the other woman and came back , however, I felt as if I have devalued mine to accommodate his and I felt that I have been insulted and humiliated by the very man who I gave my 22 years to.  It has been a year and every day I wanted to leave him.  I feel ashame by my weakness.  I feel dirty for even being intimate with him.  Every time we are being intimate the thought of him doing it with the other woman kept appearing in my head and that turned me off.  I am traumatized, confused, mistrusted, and worst I don’t respect him.   To be fair, he has been showing remorse and trying very hard to make up for his mistake but I am not a very forging person so I am being tortured by my own resentment…. I need help…