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I was married to my high school sweetheart for 18 years but before that we were dating for six years. I am 41 now so I knew him more than half of my life. I had even uttered that I am so happy that I feel contented with my life until a snap of a finger and things changed. Almost the last 6 years of my marriage suddenly became chaotic. He changed, he had other woman’s attention because of a high school reunion. The responsible and loving husband I knew spend his time on computer chatting to women. He became defensive when I tell him he has no time for me and his child. He said chatting with friends on internet is his way of relaxing. I told him it’s ok but not until 5:30 am? Then he started traveling abroad without asking me if it’s ok. He just tells me that he is travelling. He had done a lot of things within the last almost 6years of our marriage. I tried fixing my marriage all those years. I became blind, deaf, mute and numb. I gave him so many chances but every time I get hurt and he kept on breaking my heart. Ending a marriage is not easy but I had to choose – stay married and be stressed that I felt I am going to have stroke/heart attack due to stress any time or leave the marriage and be free of the burden and be me again for my daughter? I choose leaving. I was so scared to start on my own towed my daughter along. But you know what? I felt so free on the first night living on my own with my daughter. I felt refreshed waking up the next morning and for the first time in years that I slept for soundly for 7 hours. I still do and it’s been two years now. I was so hurt from the marriage that I told myself I can be on my own. Until an unexpected happen. I unexpectedly stumbled upon a guy who I never thought would make me feel so loved and cared for. We first became good friends until it blossomed into something else. I am so happy we found each other.</p>
So for you Kris, think what is best for you. Think what is healthy for you. Think what is healthy for your kids. Dig deep inside your gut feeling what it is telling you. If it is confronting your problem again then so be it. Talk to your husband and make a decision. If it is leaving him, hold your head high because you know your worth. You are brave.

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