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I wanted to ask for your opinion on this …. I’m going to start from the beginning but making it a short story. My husband and I met in 1988 I was 15 & he was 16. We had a daughter in 1992, we got married in 1998 four months into the marriage he cheated on me and also committed a crime that he did 10 years in prison . After his release in 2007 we reconciled been together since now very happily married, purchased a new home a year ago, we have a 4 year old granddaughter, very happy family.February 29,2017 my husband told me that he’s not happy and he said it’s not another woman and it’s not me , he said that I’m a great wife. When he said that he’s not happy changed my life because I didn’t see this coming in a million years! We still respect our marriage and make love, we tell another that we love each other every day. April 3 our 19 anniversary , instead of us celebrating like we have every year my husband told me that he has been thinking about divorce, wow! Can you imagine how I felt that night?!? Hurt!! Disappointed!! Confused!! I asked why he said that he wants to be free! What ever the hell that means?!? He said that he doesn’t want to answer to anyone any more he wants to go as he pleases, a week later I asked him lets separate for 6 months so that he can really see and think about what he’s doing. He will be moving in with his sister on May1st. He said that he loves me but he’s not in love with me. How do you think that this are going to go?   Thank you for reading this please respond, to let me know what can I do I want my marriage

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