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Dear Jex, to answer your question, in one word, is YES. My divorce proceedings went on for 7 years, long painful,financially exhausting and emotional drainage for everyone. my daughter 13 years old, stopped talking to her father, was also mad at me. My son reacted even worst, he became very sad, and even thought of suicide were on his mind. every week therapy for 3 years (did not help him, but helped me cope with everything else). How did I do it? dropped everything and made my children the focus of my life, and if I would not have done it, I would have lost my son . I just got my divorce after all those years in the court (the only one who won were the lawyers), and I am broke as the day I got out of university but very happy and proud of what I achieved with my kids, they are both at university now and still live with me. So be involve in their life, don’t give up on them, they need to fill secure and loved and protected and reminded that it is not their fault. My son still is not very secure and out going, but I keep on encouraging him, and every year he is improving. Don’t let go of them, I made sure I was home when they were home, homework, outing…never left him alone ,and whenever he went to see his dad, I was checking on him every hour with some excuse by text, just to make sure he was alive.  some say I over baby them, but at least I know, they did not become alcoholic or drug users or committing crime or suicide, and by saying I love you, and miss you ,and have a great day,  and some time hugs (I have to beg them ) ,they are improving . Good luck