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It can be hard to know what lies ahead, but you have to position yourself mentally to come out of this better than you went into it.  Regardless of the divorce reasons you need to show your children that you and them are going to be “good” not “going to be okay”.

Start your own traditions, start your own things with them.  It’s not just for the holidays, it’s for life… every day with mom now needs to be its own unique things.  Change up bed times, make it a new thing, stories, games and things like that.  THOSE are the things they will remember in life.

Attitude is everything.  This divorce will not defeat you, it will change you.  You will survive and you will be happy and you will show your children the strength they need for their own lives.  I believe that your childrens LIVES depend on this, do not fold, do not give up.  Succeed in all ways.


Good luck to you and your 3 little ones.