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Hi, I can relate with your current situation, as I am in similar situation. I am 49 and was living with my partner for 15 years, he’s 49 also. We were high school sweethearts when we were 15 and 16, respectively. We met up when I was 30 again, found both of us unwed, no children and started dating, fast and furiously. Within a year I bought a home with him out of state and we moved in together. I thought it was a dream and I always hoped to be with him, gave up after I was 20 or so years old. So we live together, rocky beginnings, but romantic. Planning on renovating the home etc. Then the distance set in, he started sleeping on couch every night, and me in the bedroom, not master as that was demolished and unlivable. I was wanting more, and instantly he said no children and no marriage. I am dumb, I accepted those terms and our relationship continued as roommates, sex once in a while, if I initiated it only, it was humiliating. He did not want anything to do with my family, his parents passed on, and he is estranged from sibling. I still hoped. One day he comes up and says you had to know this was coming, we have nothing in common and living to just live together. The next day he moved out. Taking only half of his belongings. I come to find out he bought another home a year ago on his own.

I was pretty shocked, devastated to learn this, he denied there was someone else and said the purchase had nothing to do with me. I had believed we at least had honesty between us left. I was so wrong. I think it’s best to have a talk about how each other feels about the relationship then to just wait for a truth to reveal itself. I unfortunately, did not want and still do not want to believe it. I thought it could work somehow. He did not, and advised I get professional help and gave me two kittens and left. Granted this is all very recent and I am still bitter and hurt, but I realize there is nothing I can do about it. Life takes its course and decisions are made. That is the hard part the decision. Once it’s made can’t go back.