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I am sorry for the pain that you are experiencing. It really does not matter whether your husband is seeing anyone else or not although he probably is. Don’t waste energy pressing him for the answer because he will lie anyway. The reason that it doesn’t matter is that he has told you everything that you need to know about your future together: he does not want it to include you. I wish for you that there was some form of hard evidence that would make you understand that your marriage is over. Having to make a decision to stay or go is extremely stressful and all the more difficult when you cannot pin it down to something tangible like abuse or betrayal. Would you recommend that your daughter devote her life to someone who has looked her in the eye and told her that he is not in love with her? Of course not. Reach out to the people who really do love you and ask for their support. Do not be embarrassed – he is the one who should hang his head for dropping out of marriage without trying.