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Hang in there, everyone – such a tough time.  I can totally identify with many of you – it’s awful but also comforting to find others who are in the same boat.   I made the decision to separate just over a year ago after 20+ years of marriage, the last five of which were spent in marriage counselling.  Still sort of in same house but have recently started “nesting” as a transitional step, a way to keep the kids in the house – parents alternate time in house with kids/alone at a nearby rental.  I guess it’s progress, but it’s still incredibly difficult, awkward, expensive, frustrating, lonely, heartbreaking, overwhelming….  It’s a huge and devastating loss, and even though I know this is the right decision, that doesn’t make it any easier or make the feelings of loneliness, frustration and heartbreak less painful.  Friends and family have been kind and supportive and I’m so grateful, but most really don’t get it.  Such a rollercoaster, so many more questions than answers.  And now the thought of Covid shutting things down yet again makes me feel sick to my stomach.  Thanks for listening.