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Hi John,

First off you are not wrong for wanting a divorce, or anything for that matter. People want what they want and that’s okay. There is no correct situation or amount of justification that makes our desires okay or not. And yes I think that applies even when we are married and have young kids. In fact I think knowing what you want is already a huge step. A lot of people I know who are much older than you cannot say that.

What you are going through sounds really hard and stressful. I experienced much of the same things you have. For me it was a feeling of being trapped and stuck and like I could not get out, no matter how much I struggled inside. I bottled everything up. But it affected my health and led me to substance misuse. Eventually it came exploding out in horribly dramatic fashion and people got hurt. But it’s okay now.

Good job going to therapy. That is a really mature and healthy decision. Talking about it will help. I hope you found someone to talk to these past few days too. Remember – your pain is valid. You are human and you are loved. You are taking action. Be well. -R