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Thank you for this beautifull message! I keep reading it everytime I hurt and it helps me a lot. I said he didn’t leave me for her but just not to be with me. Well now they are dating. She thought that since they had sex they were a couple. So now they are together and he still lives at home with me and the babies. He is coming back with hickies on his neck… It’s just hurting me so much. After he says oh yeah she feels bad that she made hickies, and I’m like come on, can’t you at least not throw it in my face?! And he said to me he would stop seeing her so we had sex and than go see her to stop things to make the brake up easier on me and comes back as a couple with her and hickies on his neck. Today he even asked me as a joke if I could “empty” him. It makes me feels so bad and hurt…